Special Offer

If you have an ASFR-themed website or blog and can’t afford hosting, hit me up and I’ll host your site for free. There are a couple of caveats and stipulations though:

  1. Your site must be non-commercial. In other words, you’re not selling anything on it. If you’re running a business then you can afford to pay for hosting. If you can’t afford to pay for hosting then you don’t have enough capital to run your business and should secure funding first before launching.
  2. No hosting of video. There are other free services where you can  host video and link to them in your site. I don’t have the bandwidth or the disk space to become the ASFR “YouTube”. Short videos are fine. GIFs are fine. Creating an ASFR-themed “xTube” is not fine.
  3. Your site must either be HTML or PHP. Python, Node.JS, or other technologies other than PHP or HTML are not supported.
  4. You own your domain. I won’t help you with registering your domain. I have enough domains of my own to manage and maintain.
    • If you don’t have a domain, I can set you up with a subdomain of asfr.sk. In otherwords: https://[your site].asfr.sk/
    • Send me a brief description of what site you’re proposing. It takes me about 10-15 minutes to setup a new site so only request this please if you’re serious.
  5. You must agree to use CloudFlare and have my servers configured behind CloudFlare. This means you must also register for an account on CloudFlare (the free plan is more than sufficient), and change the nameservers for your domain to point to CloudFlare.
  6. You will not have shell access. Your access will be granted through the Usermin web interface.
  7. Support will be provided in a private group Telegram channel. I will not provide personal one-on-one support. I don’t have the time. It is my hope that other members, including myself, will all provide support to one-another and try to help each-other out.
  8. Your site must not host anything illegal. No child porn. No shota. No loli. No beastiality. No warez. No pirated software. No malware or viruses. No copyrighted music or movies.
  9. Service will be provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY and NO GUARANTEES of any kind for any purpose. You get what you pay for, and will be entitled to a full refund for any amount paid if you’re not satisfied.

Still interested? Leave me Feedback with your proposal.