ASFR Related Blogs and Websites

We have collected a list of ASFR-themed and related websites and blogs.

  1. Studs In Stone – One of the oldest and continuously-running ASFR-themed websites on the Internet.
  2. Male Droids – Run by Chip who’s quite a prolific OC and photomanip artist and content creator.
  3. Male Bots – Paid-membership bulletin-board/ bbs/ forum site. Small, active, and dedicated user-base.
  4. Hex Corp – An ASFR-themed (mind-control, rubber, transformation, drones) LARP site.
  5. Fembot Central – A bulletin-board/ bbs/ forum site dedicated to fembots and gynoids. Small, active and dedicated user-base.
  6. – A micro-blogging/ social-network for ASFR fans and enthusiasts.
  7. BIO SYN CHEM Corp. – A fictional Company specializing in producing synthetic bodily fluids for synthetic sentients.

If you know of a website that we’re missing, you can request to edit this page yourself! Or simply email [email protected] with your updates.

If you have a personal ASFR-related site or blog you’d like to start up and need hosting, send me an Email. Depending on your needs and what you want to host most likely I can host you for free on my servers since I’ve got a ton of extra space.