#ASFR is a public-resource for the alt.sex.fetish.robot (and affiliated) community. It is a resource created by us, for us, for our use, our information, and our entertainment.  If you identify as a robosexual, technosexual; or as somebody interested in robophilia, technophilia, agalmatophilia; or you are perhaps interested in transformation into stone, statues, dolls, or machines; are into rubber or plastic; or mind-control or hypnosis; then #ASFR is for you.

This site is every bit as much your site as it is mine. Sure, I might be hosting this site but this kink of ours, and our community, would be nothing were it not for you, I, and everyone else in the Community. It is for that reason why I’ve licensed this site, and all contributions, under a Creative Commons license. You are free to use any and everything in this site for any purpose (as long as you attribute the source).

You are encouraged to create an account. If you have an account with WordPress.org or WordPress.com you can use it, or you can create one specifically for this site, and we’re working on options where you can login with other accounts you have elsewhere too. An account you create will enable you to contribute to this site with your own content if you wish, participate in the forums, become part of the community, and more. We are stronger as a collective when we work together! 😎

This site is free and will be free. There are no plans to monetize this site.