Jabber/ XMPP Server

@[email protected] is pleased to announce:

We might (read:do) have our own Jabber/ XMPP server at xmpp://asfr.io/ if you have a favorite Jabber/ XMPP Client!
It’s running Prosody so it’s fully compatible with most popular clients.
It even supports conference rooms/ multi-user-chat. 🙂
You can register an account from within your favorite client.
And if you want to chat, I’m xmpp://[email protected]
The server is open to anybody, whether or not you’re into ASFR or not, and it is able to connect out and federate with every other Jabber server on the Internet.

If you have an ASFR related announcement you’d like to make, you can register for an account here on asfr.org or get in contact with Mike via Email at [email protected] or on asfr.social and he’ll be more than happy to post your announcement for you!


  • Michael Collins is an android that lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his husband and their two dogs. He is the President & CEO of BIO SYN CHEM Corp. a manufacturer of synthetic bodily fluids for androids and other synthetic life-forms. He is also the President & Owner of CyberCzar, LLC, a Research & Development company focusing on advanced cybernetics.

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