Welcome to #asfr

This is #asfr. If you’re here you probably have a strong interest in robots, androids, cyborgs, and other fictional and real pieces of technology. Or maybe dolls and mannequins are your thing. Or statues.

Maybe you’re a mime and love to pretend like you’re a robot or a statue?

Maybe when you see shows or movies or read in books or comics about robots or androids becoming self-aware of what they are, or maybe they thought they were a human, or maybe they malfunction somehow, and any of that — or all of that — stirs something inside you.

Maybe the thought of being turned into a statue or otherwise made immobile against your will excites you.

Then I think it’s fair to say, “Welcome!”

#asfr Is for you. Don’t get me wrong, it’s also for me, too. But it’s mainly for you. I wanted to create a site that could act as a central nexus/ repository of information that could help anyone wanting to learn more about these kinks… these fetishes… this paraphilia (if you want to get technical).

In doing so, and because alt-sex-fetish-robots (asfr) encompasses a wide-variety of sub-kinks and fetishes, I wanted to provide a framework where others could their own information to help the collective as a whole (both newcomers and veterans alike).

This is not a sex-site, though certainly there are sexual themes, material, and topics described throughout.

Moreso this is place for self exploration, self discovery, networking, and knowledge sharing.

There are five main features of this site:

  • The Blog
  • The Forums
  • The Community
  • Document Repository

I’ll discuss each of the main features briefly.

The Blog

The Blog allows any member to make a post about anything and any topic that is ASFR-related. All members of this site have the ability to create a blog post, and those blog posts will be visible to anybody. Of course, there are some editorial guidelines in-place and that are enforced, and SPAM will never be tolerated.

The Forums

The Forums allow any member to have more relaxed and informal discussions about topics that may or may not be ASFR-related and wouldn’t necessarily rise to the level of a blog post. Aside from light moderation, the Forums are primarily self-governing.

The Community

The Community is the main social-network built-in to the site. You have the ability to search profiles, send public (and private) messages to other members, and generally engage with others as much or as little as you want.

The Document Repository

Designed as a knowledge-base and share of general information for the greater ASFR Community, any member can create documents and request access to collaboratively edit other documents (if enabled).

Feel free to create an account and/ or look around! If there’s something missing then please leave feedback.


  • Michael Collins is an android that lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his husband and their two dogs. He is the President & CEO of BIO SYN CHEM Corp. a manufacturer of synthetic bodily fluids for androids and other synthetic life-forms. He is also the President & Owner of CyberCzar, LLC, a Research & Development company focusing on advanced cybernetics.

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