Man or machine. Statue or doll. Slave or master. Mentalist or subject. The ASFR Community is diverse and welcoming. If you identify with any topic on this website, or if reading the material lights a spark within your loins, please register an account and join our collective.

Welcome to #asfr


This is #asfr. If you’re here you probably have a strong interest in robots, androids, cyborgs, and other fictional and real pieces of technology. Or maybe dolls and mannequins are your thing. Or statues.

Maybe you’re a mime and love to pretend like you’re a robot or a statue?

Maybe when you see shows or movies or read in books or comics about robots or androids becoming self-aware of what they are, or maybe they thought they were a human, or maybe they malfunction somehow, and any of that — or all of that — stirs something inside you.

Maybe the thought of being turned into a statue or otherwise made immobile against your will excites you.

Then I think it’s fair to say, “Welcome!”